Where concepts become reality

Using a unique 'design for manufacturing' approach we design all prototypes, props and products with manufacturing and fabrication in mind. This means quality products and prototypes which are closer to industrial manufacturing. We get you to market faster.

Whether your after a 3D model, 2D layout or a fully functional show ready prototype or prop we can help.

Perhaps you just need something custom made? A one off solution for your unique situation. We can help find a solution.


What We Do

We take your pencil sketches, idea's and home made prototypes and turn them into professional show ready prototypes, props and installations.

A 30lb fighting robot built from the ground up. We started with paper and pen, moving to a detailed 3D model and then began building.


Our Mission

We strive to put over a decade of manufacturing and custom design experience to work for our clientele. Taking the hassle and uncertainty out of product development

About Me

My name is Ravi Baboolal

I have designed and built completely one off fighting robots (Battlebots) for nearly 15 years. A career in engineering and love of making propelled me through various manufacturing industries and I've earned everything from a machinist's eye to a blacksmiths burns. 

For the longest time taking my idea's from a pencil sketch to a physical fully functional robot was just a hobby. Over the years I've helped family and friends bring their unique idea's to life. Word started to spread and with a few sucessful startup and inventor projects under my belt I decided to offer my services professionally and start The Mech Lab.